Mr. Moss

Mr. Moss, Shanour Moens Master Chef at large in his kitchen.

Mr. Moss, Shanour Moens Master Chef

In 2009, after reading Raw foods Real World Shanour’s live changed.

The vision he had as a professional chef fitted precisely with raw foods and its lifestyle. Having the whole book cooked he knew this would be his path. The perfection of tastes and purity of intentions touch him sincerely. So much that from the beginning on it determined direction.

The deeply rooted desire to make chocolate was being able to be expressed. The opportunities he saw were infinite. Cacao is the absolute king of culinary world of the pastry and chocolate of the not roasted cacao is the holy grale.

Just having left behind the hip party scene he thought he had seen all, yet his world appeared smaller and more fake then he presumed.

His first creations were happily received in the Amsterdam scene, which he did not even know existed… Also personally he was received with open arms, healing at this level had started. An overflow of inspiration followed and the amount of insights he picked up were being enormous. The way we had structured our western world had always worried him, led to frustrations and sometimes till dispiritedness. The ‘new world’ he had met gave him a positive view on life, which he shows enthusiastically all his talents to.

His chocolate bar Glow is a combination of his desire to do the right thing and to leave a good memory for himself and therewith with you, in all it’s facets.